Come One, Come All…Vintage Carnival Birthday Invitations

Last week I was presented with a challenge…design, print, pack and ship a set of 40 birthday invitations with a ‘vintage carnival’ theme in less than a week. I received the email on Sunday night, and dropped the completed set in the mail on Friday on my way up north with my dudes. What happened in between was a little hectic to say the least. Just a few months ago I did a set of carnival invitations but this client wanted something completely different, and I’ll be honest, it was difficult. ‘Vintage carnival’ means a lot of ribbons, scrolls, intricate graphics and complex typography (to me anyway). Plus it needed an ‘old timey’ feel, so I muted a lot of the colors and turned the opacities way down. I also got to use my new gradient mesh skills that I learned doing the Darling Delilah project. And the biggest hurdle: you can’t force creativity. Period. It just has to come on it’s own, and sometimes it’s pretty friggin’ slow. ON TOP of this project I was also finishing up other clients so I could have a nice weekend up north with my family. There were many 2AM nights and my older son watched A LOT of Disney Junior so I could work during the baby’s nap time. Plus I needed to get all my kids’ stuff straight so we could pack and leave first thing Friday morning. In the end, I never packed any pajamas for myself but love how the cards turned out. I opted for a Linen Stock for the invitations, and Brown Kraft Envelopes. I designed a matching return address label, and made it nice and big to also act as a seal. I forgot to mention this party sounds kinda sweet and I totally want to go!

Vintage Carnival Invitation Set


Vintage Carnival Invitation Suite, Front


Vintage Carnival Invitation Suite, Back


Vintage Carnival Invitation Set, Envelope + Label


Close Up of Linen Paper