Why I Never Throw Supplies Away…Pretty Tented Place Cards

I hoard art supplies. Like random art supplies (aren’t all art supplies random? No.) Things like silver necklace chains, buttons, ribbon of any shape, length or material, miscellaneous adhesives, etc. It all stems from my grandma who is the giver of all my artistic talent and, ahem, hoarding tendencies. I always keep things no matter how many I have left, because you just never know when they might come in handy. Gift tags, special birthday cards, project for my boys (yeah right) or in today’s case, place cards for a Silent Auction and Tin Can Auction. This last June friends of friends lost their little daughter in a car collision when they were struck by a drunk driver just a few miles from my house. Friends of the family are hosting a benefit to help them pay with medical bills (other family members, including children, were hospitalized), funeral costs, and I imagine some therapy or additional support. The organizers put together an awesome Silent Auction and Tin Can Raffle, and I volunteered to make the display cards for the items. And because I’m a hoarder, I had a lot of materials to work with to put together pretty, sweet little place cards to honor Olivia and this generous event. I had plenty of white card stock (from Avenger decor), Starburst-shaped rhinestones (from baby shower invitations), and purple tulle (my wedding invitations).

For the sake of ease, I made the cards a little different so the organizers could differentiate between the two sets of cards. The Tin Can cards were had green accents and the Silent Auction cards had blue accents and purple bows. All the cards got rhinestones and were the same size/style. I tied the bow to the back instead of the front, so it peeks through but doesn’t crowd the design. I really wanted these to be special, sweet and appropriate for the event.


Tented Place Cards with Embellishments


Tented Place Cards with Ribbon & Starburst