Out of the Vault…More Baby Goodness

In honor of the fact that I just discovered a long-lost baby shower invitation that I thought was gone forever, before I could even mail it out (seriously?!) I’m going to give it a little attention. A little over a year ago a few close friends and I decided to throw an intimate baby shower for a mutual friend expecting her first baby. Since the mother-to-be was usually our host at extremely lovely parties and showers (her parties are Martha Stewart-worthy) we wanted to plan something extra nice. We picked a posh restaurant and decided on a nice little brunch, went on a shopping trip for baby gifts and I worked on the invitation. I was only going to mail one to the mother-to-be, so I spent a little more time than usual making it. To make it a tad more personal I also made matching place cards for our table at the restaurant. We were all very excited (I was anxious to be out for a nice adult afternoon, being very pregnant myself with baby boy #2) but our little baby guest of honor had other plans. Our mother-to-be delivered two weeks before the shower! Needless to say we called the restaurant shower off and planned for a little meet and greet with Baby W and Momma a few weeks later. It all worked out great and as a double bonus everyone got to hold the new bundle and give Mom a short break.

Details for the Invitation & Place Cards…This invitation was more about the materials than the graphic design. I used three layers of card stock (gold mirror, floral print, and white) and one translucent vellum layer to soften the print. I printed the party information on the white card stock, and ripped the edges to give it a little rustic vibe. I tied a teal piece of raffia at the top for a bow, which also contributed to the rustic look. I liked the natural pieces next to the fancy gold mirror card stock. I made the card 6×6″ to stand out, and used a metallic light blue envelope. For the place cards I used the same materials, but added either a felt duck applique or a button as an embellishment.

I made the set super early, and then lost the invitation when we moved. I looked EVERYWHERE and eventually just tried to recreate it, based on the photos I had taken. I JUST FOUND IT today, on top of a box of toys. Not sure why I thought that was a good place to keep it, but alas, I have it!