Twin Birdies in a Birdcage Shower Suite…Complete!

A few months ago, I got started on a really awesome project. It all started with an email from a pretty sweet chick, who was throwing a baby shower for a great couple expecting twins. It started smoothly right out of the gate. She already had a color scheme (green, orange and “nature-y”), all the invitation wording, and an idea for the design: the couple was decorating the nursery with decals of trees, branches and birdcages, so she wanted to incorporate them into the invitations. The best part was she was totally game for upgrading the paper (Bamboo! Very nature-y!) and she even chose a custom cut scallop-edge for the invitation, which was also an uncommon size at 5×5″ square. I suggested a Brown Kraft envelope (think brown paper lunch sack), and even stumbled upon a 5×5 Brown Kraft with an European flap (the pointed kind; my favorite). The final design featured a light green card with a white birdcage housing a little blue bird and a little pink bird, all hanging from a tree branch with leaves. The back of the card was a coordinating shade of orange and the little birdies.

Once the event got closer, my pretty sweet chick client also needed custom wrappers and labels for the shower favors, which were Godiva chocolate bars. (Which are impossible to find for sample purposes, unless of course you look at Kohl’s or Michael’s.) She also wanted some little signs explaining a diaper game for the guest tables. PLUS thank you cards for the expecting parents. So for the candy bar wrappers, my plan was to wrap the bar with a patterned piece of scrapbook paper and place a label on top with the birds and a thank you message. I ventured out in search of four coordinating pieces of paper, two oranges/yellows and two greens. (I found a ton, and was the worst customer ever walking in ten minutes to close and pulling a million sheets of paper.) I used the leftover pieces of paper to make the table signs, complete with a little easel on the back to hold them up. The thank you card was simply one of the unused drafts of the invitation, so easy.

The shower was on a Sunday, and since I was free that day, I called in a favor to my favorite photographer (and bff) Brandy from Brandy Nicole Photography to take a drive with me out to the location and take some pics on site. I really love doing that when I’ve designed a lot of elements for the event, and a lot times it’s really not possible to show up and document them. But it’s so great to have pictures taken in context, and not just at my house in some faux setup. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive out to Oxford and turned into a nice afternoon out and away from our respective other halves and children. I’m grateful they let us impose!

Without further adieu, the Twin Birdies in a Birdcage suite!