Envelope Labels…Sometimes You Just Gotta Do It.


I recently finished up an announcement set for a high school graduate. The clients didn’t really like what the school was offering, both price-wise and aesthetically, and surprisingly enough it was the same company that did graduation announcements when I was graduating (10 years ago!). There hasn’t been any major progress in the high school graduation announcement department I guess. My clients had some GREAT graduation photos taken by Brandy Nicole Photography and were thinking of really showcasing them on the cards, as well as the school colors (purple and gold). The graduate’s mom mentioned that her son was really proud of his school, so I went snooping around for the school’s mascot/emblem online to add more personalization. I spent some time on the school’s website and also discovered their motto. After a little time in Illustrator I had a crisp version of the mascot ready to roll and together with the motto it looked awesome.

So where do the envelope labels come in? I had the return address printed on the back flap of all 101 envelopes…however there was a small snafu with my printer and the address was printed incorrectly. I’m not a fan of wasting paper, so I didn’t want to just scrap them and start over. The only option was a label. I hate labels. Well no, I hate standard-white-Avery-dumb labels. I’m actually coming around to colorful-cool shapes-fun labels. So in this particular situation I designed the label as a purple rectangle with a gold border and white type, and then printed them on a full-sticker sheet so I could have a full bleed (the design extends all the way beyond the border. I could go on for years about full bleeds. In my opinion if you don’t have a full bleed, you have nothing!) I trimmed them up and voila! A lovely little label with the correct address that coordinates with the announcement and honestly, adds a nice color element to the envelopes.

What’s next? I need to problem-solve a nice big label for my son’s birthday invitations. They’re comic book-themed so the envelope is a clear plastic sheath. I need something big and noticeable so the post office doesn’t give me a hard time. And the hamster is off!

I’ve put some of the other draft designs in my Etsy shop- go check them out! https://www.etsy.com/listing/97236497/custom-word-collage-graduation?listing_id=97236497&listing_slug=custom-word-collage-graduation