New Year, New Name, Yay!

After nearly five years doing business as Paper Dahlia Design Co., I decided to take a leap and change my business name. It was a decision in the making for awhile, and something just clicked after the new year. I had come up with the name Cordial Punch Press some time ago, and I always liked it, so I was trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into Paper Dahlia stuff. Well that didn’t really work, and it conflicted with consistent identity branding. Another factor was the existence of another Paper Dahlia. Who surprisingly enough, was a lot like me. She had a young child, an art degree and loved designing invitations and other baby/wedding stationary. When I read her profile on her website I nearly choked. We had so many things in common (in addition to the above), plus we both came up with a seemingly unique business name. I contacted her and we commiserated over the fact that it kind of sucked that we shared a name that we both loved, started a friendly email correspondence.  (Why didn’t one of us go the “cease and desist” route? For me personally, I’m not a jerk. She didn’t know I existed when she picked her name, I didn’t know she existed by the time I got my site online. It was like we did it simultaneously. It didn’t seem right to play the “I’ll sue you” card.)

In any case, a few years went by and I felt like I was always behind; she had me beat in every aspect of social media and networking. Combine this with the urge to start fresh, and here I am. The collateral damage of changing my name is pretty heavy however. Facebook does not allow fan pages to change their name once over 100 fans/likes. So I had to make a new page and eventually will delete the Paper Dahlia page. I hate to lose all my comments and activity though, that part really stinks. I also had to get a new website which is another headache. My Paper Dahlia site was custom designed and awesome, but wouldn’t work with my new identity and name. So I bought another one and am currently working on getting it up and live. Along with new business cards, tweeting interesting things, and getting stuff pinned up on Pinterest. I could skip sleeping for a month and still need to catch up. I’ll get there!